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52 World championship, 52 Super Series: a tough start for Bronenosec Gazprom

Leader of the day was Quantum Racing (Baird/Hutchinson), winner of all the previous events of the season

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ROME – Everyone was expecting a rainy day in Mahon for the start of the 2016 52 World Championship but, in truth, after a cloudy morning, two regattas were sailed in good weather conditions with a moderate breeze, blowing with gusts up to 18 knots from 225°, and with formed and cross wave. Leader of the day was Quantum Racing (Baird/Hutchinson), winner of all the previous events of the season and that, scoring a second and a first in the races of today, is currently at the top of the ranking with three points, followed by the German Platoon (Spreer/Wieser) and the English Gladiator (Langley/Walker), that both scored eight points in total. Unexpectedly, after a brilliant victory in the first race, the team of Azzurra (Parada/Vascotto), current world-title holder, finished the second regatta in tenth position due to some problems with the gennaker and is at the moment occupying the fourth place of the overall ranking.

RUSSIA – Today it was a tough beginning also for the Russian team Bronenosec Gazprom (Liubomirov/Ivaldi): the team, representing the colors of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, finished both races in eighth position. «We could have done better today, we had two very bad starts - declared Francesco Mongelli, navigator of Bronenosec Sailing Team - and in both races we didn't manage to catch up with the first of the fleet even if we have the potentialities to do so. We're trying to understand what we can improve starting from the race of tomorrow and we don't see today's results as a defeat: we'll keep fighting hard in the rest of this World Championship». Pietro Mantovani, grinder on board of Bronenosec, confirmed that today it was not the best possible beginning, but that things can for sure improve in the next days: «It's clear it was not a great day for us, with two difficult starts followed by two difficult races. The greatest pity is that we couldn't reach the rest of the fleet during the race even when we had the chance to. I'm a bit upset for how things have gone today, but I'm confident we'll do better starting from tomorrow. We know how to sail and we can do much better than this». It looks clear that, starting from tomorrow, the crew of Bronenosec Gazprom will be looking for its relaunch, fighting for a good position in the ranking, with the consciousness that, after the second place in Puerto Portals, great results are achievable.

THE TEAM – In Mahon, Bronenosec Gazprom is sailed by Vladimir Liubomirov (owner-driver), Michele Ivaldi (skipper-tactician), Adrian Stead (strategist), Francesco Mongelli (navigator), Victor Serezhkin (backstay), Paul Westlake (mainsail trimmer), Claudio Celon (trimmer), Zack Hurst (trimmer), Emanuele Marino (grinder), Pietro Mantovani (grinder), Andy Fethers (pitman), Alex Kulakov (floater), Michele Cannoni (mid-bow) and Alberto Barovier (team manager-bowman). The team activity is coordinated by the coach Francesco de Angelis, while the shore team is led by Francesco Binetti Pozzi.

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