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#ALL4THEGREEN, Arzhanova (CMAS President): “Environment is in danger, we must scare and inform”

President Arzhanova has catalyzed the attention and animated the discussion bringing her experience

BOLOGNA - CMAS president Anna Arzhanova held a speech in a crowd Alma Mater Studiorum at Bologna University for #all4thegreen, an event of a series highlighting the work ot the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) on its 30th anniversary. In a panel which involved the IPCC president, expert scientists engaged in environmental studies, communication experts, UN representatives, president Arzhanova has catalyzed the attention and animated the discussion bringing her experience with an association which have as a priority the defense of the seas. “Environment is in great danger”, she said. “The large mass audience very often does not have the knowledge to understand the reports released by scientists. Behind these reports there is a great and deep work, which often only very few can understand. Instead it should be translated into a simplified message, perhaps through comics, videos, slogans. In order to meet the habits of the public, especially young people, with greater use of social networks, for example. Because, unfortunately, the first problem is that people do not believe: that's why I think our job is to scare and inform”.

Concepts that norvegian Jan Fuglestvedt, IPCC vice president and in the working group, shared and collected: “Our aim is to educate and inspire young generations”. The day was opened by the remarks of Gianluca Galletti, italian envinroment ministry: “IPCC it's the scientific landmark inside the global agreement who rules the effetcs of the climate change. It represent the scientific evidences which shared with politics, they indicate the path to follow”. Hoesung Lee, IPCC president, then said: “In next years we will publish 8 different reports on climate change, the aim is to support the governments' agenda about the measures to be taken. Among the reports, one will be published on September 2019 on about Oceans and seas. In the past we have identified critical issues and responsibilities, now we want to move on to a phase in which solutions will be proposed. The influence of man on climate change is now evident, just as it is equally clear that we must be able to make people understand that taking measures to protect the environment, using modern tools, can bring great benefits for the governments' economies. Since the first moment, IPCC wanted to highlight the need to do, not just to propose”.

In the panel, also rector Francesco Ubertini, Ibrahim Thiaw, the deputy executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (assistant of the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon) and Jonathan Lynn, IPCC head of communications and media relations.

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