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Archivio Disarmo, "Golden Doves" peace prize in Rome

ROME – On Tuesday October 10th the winners of the Archivio Disarmo-Colombe d’Oro per la Pace Peace (Disarmament Archives – Golden Doves for Peace) Prize will meet in Rome for this year’s XXXIII edition.

"We are particularly happy with the choices the Jury has made this year", says Fabrizio Battistelli, President of the International Research Institute Archivio Disarmo  ̶  "three different information professionals for each specialization and language used, but united by courage with which, when one has to tell about the failures of the war, they go to the field".


Tragedies and conflicts in countries facing the Mediterranean have been witnessed and interpreted using all possible codes for the media: television, print, comics. Here are Lucia Goracci's news reports (RaiNews24), Nancy Porsia's written and visual texts (freelance from Libya and Tunisia), Michele Rech's drawings, in "Zerocalcare" art.

Nancy Porsia says: "When I was told that I would be awarded this award I was excited ... because the Golden Dove is given to journalists who stand out to produce information in the service of peace, which is the ultimate goal of all my writing, of every image I produce".

Lucia Goracci points out: "The long waves of wars, the painful exodus of survivors in this interconnected world, end up coming to us. game values and balances that have been given to Europe in the first place, so there is no crisis, there is no war that we can afford to forget today. , the distant ones and those that come to us, also in the form of a threat to our daily security". Lucia Goracci concludes: "Even ISIS, a deviation from the most monstrous of the history of history, has a source that sinks into the human being, and only by understanding the remote injustices that have favored the genesis, it can be faced and defeated" .


Finally the Dove International. This time it is rewarded not only for a person, but for an agency, which has become famous worldwide for five days. That is, lCAN, the network of about 500 associations that has beaten nuclear weapons in 101 countries. And this summer he managed to bring to the United Nations General Assembly the Glass Palace, the Treaty for the Prohibition of Extreme Weapons, the one against which neither defense nor retaliation is possible, but only the prevention: the thermonuclear bomb. To retrieve the Golden Dove came to Rome Susi Snyder, member of the ICAN Steering Committee. Significant role has been played by Italian associations, including Rete Italiana Disarmo - Italian Disarmament Network, Senzatmomica, Nuclear War Medicine and others.

Comment on Battistelli: "It is the year of coincidences. It was August 6, the anniversary of the Hiroshima tragedy marking the beginning of the atomic era, as the Golden Dove Jury concluded its work by unanimously deciding to award the International Peace Prize to ICAN The date set for the ceremony was October 10, 6 this month in Oslo was awarded to the ICAN Nobel Peace Prize". A simple accident? Battistelli smiles: "Someone says that the Gold Doves bring luck, simply to believe in the reasonableness of the choices". Three times the Nobel Peace Prize had been foretold by the Golden Doves fo Peace: in 1987 with Mandela, in 1989 with Gorbachev, in 1997 with John Hume for Peace in Northern Ireland. This with ICAN is the fourth time: the one that, like all the latest arrivals, gives more joy.

Susi Snyder, a member of the ICAN Steering Committee, retiring the Golden Dove says, "This is an exciting time for ICAN. This year, ICAN's efforts and focused campaigning resulted in the successful adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This landmark treaty finally outlaws nuclear weapons because of their indiscriminate and inhuman effects. It is a tremendous success, the result of focused and unrecognized work. ICAN is extremely proud to be selected to receive the Golden Dove for Peace in recognition of these efforts. The timing with the Nobel Peace Prize announcement is a great surprise, and reinforces the importance of these efforts that the Golden Dove for Peace was early to recognize".

Disarmament Archive organizes the Award with the support of the participating Cooperatives

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