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CMAS and human rights: Anna Arzhanova “Knight of human rights”

Saturday 26th of May, Sala degli Affreschi in the Società Umanitaria headquarter in Milan, hosted the ceremony

MILAN - As recognition for the CMAS' initiative of “The Blue Helmets of the Sea”, president Anna Arzhanova has been introduced as new “Knight of Human Right” by Società Umanitaria and Lidu (International League for Human Rights), member of the Federation Internationale des Ligues des Droits des l'Homme.


Saturday 26th of May, Sala degli Affreschi in the Società Umanitaria headquarter in Milan, hosted the ceremony. As its tradition, the title has been awarded to members of armed forces, police, istitutions, associations, federations, foundations and Ong, who have distinguished themselves in the protection of civil society. For the year 2017 the new knights will be 25, from Army, Aeronautics, Carabinieri, Police, Italian Red Cross, Italian Olimpic Commitee and others. 

Among all these, for the first time in history, an international executive from sports world: CMAS president Anna Arhanova.The World Underwater Federation was founded in 1959 and by now it comprises over 130 federations from 5 continents, with more than 3 millions divers. In addition to organizing international underwater sport events it is at the forefront of technical and scientific research and development. CMAS is still a strictly civil non-profit making organisation. The aim of CMAS is to use all appropriate means to develop and encourage the understanding and conservation of the underwater world as well as the practice of aquatic and underwater sports and activities.

"I'm very happy - Anna Arzhanova said - to have contributed through the sport to realize initiatives of high social value recognized in the international scope and appreciated in Brussels by European parliamentarians". Milan's Prefetto Vicario Dott. Francesco Garsia introduced the award.


CMAS launched and developed “The Blue Helmets of the Sea” project. Italians and foreigners migrant/refugee students held classes in Salerno and obtained the 18-meter depth patent for underwater activity. A class and a project whom represent an example of worldwide integration, with Italy offering a chance of experience, with a concrete result: a patent that allow students to enter in the world of the professions. A concrete example of how Europe can work in sharing and solidarity, with Italy as an example for the other countries.The class was promoted by CMAS and the Italian federation (FIPSAS), by Mibact-Migrarti and by Silvia Costa, when in 2016 she was chairman of the Committee on Culture, Sport and Youth. A “Blue Helmets” delegation was welcomed at the European Parliament, represented by a boy graduated after the first class in Salerno, Annarita Carrafiello (Santa Caterina da Siena school director, where the classes were hosted), Giuseppe Castronovo (president of the italian civil war victims association, ANVCG) and Paolo Masini (italian Mibact-Migrarti).

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