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Freediving, in Turkey the first CMAS Academy: "The Olympic Dream"

President Anna Arzhanova: «Is an environmentally friendly and sustainable sport»

di Anna Arena

The CMAS Academy, the first training center for freediving, diving and other underwater sports, has been inaugurated in the town of Kas (Turkey). With the CMAS-TSSF "Kas Baska" Training Center, the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) will count on a solid base to continue to pursue the inclusion into the Olympic program with freediving. The word "baska" in turkish means "different", in reference to the uniqueness and peculiarity of the town of Kas. A place and a solution identified by the CMAS and the President Anna Arzhanova to meets the dictates of Olympic Agenda 2020 in relation to the protection and respect of the environment. Attending the inauguration cerimony the President of Turkish Underwater sport federation Sahin Ozen, Governor Bilgihan Bayar and Halil Kocaer, Major of Kas. The Olympic Agenda 2020 from 2014 has brought a revolution in the previous organization and selection process of the Olympics and through 40 detailed recommendations is meant to offer a clear picture of what the future of the Olympic movement will look like, a clear vision of how to protect the uniqueness of the Games and strenghten Olympic values in society .

And it also turns the old concept of the sports hosted in the Olympic program, turning them into sporting events: a concept that fully meets the characteristics of apnea, which in the words of CMAS President Anna Arzhanova“is an environmentally friendly and sustainable sport, a challenge to the sea without technological supports but safely, very spectacular, with a huge following around the world, which everyone can try". Since the first recommendation of Agenda 2020 the theme of the environment occupies an important place, so that the cities who want to host the Games must necessarily include an important chapter: and a sport like freediving would bring the city to deal with the conditions of its water. A theme of course strongly felt in CMAS.

The cuty of Kas is located in south-west Turkey (814 km south from Istanbul and 460 km south of Smirne), in a bay overlooking the stretch of sea exactly halfway between Crete and Cyprus.

A Natural big bay surrounded by mountains and islands which make the diving conditions perfect almost all the year, with calm and predictable water like ın the shallow water but with the 200 meters depth just 200 meters away from the shore of training center, with no tides, currents or thermoclines. Water temperature is min. 15 (in winter) and max. 26 degrees (in summer), with more than 50m visibility. The training center provides the new safety equipment in freediving, that was used for the first time in World Championship in October 2016, seven different platforms to train easily and with maximum safety, at least 2 platforms with safety devices with electrical engine for trainings deeper than 130 meters. Possibility of on-line streamıng during divers’ performances with underwater remote camera. The Cmas Academy in Kas will host workshops with experts from all over the world in freedivıng, scuba and scientific diving, with all necessary facilities: meeting room, presentation and education materials, social areas, showers, cafeteria, camping possibilities. And special discounts will be provided from Government of the City and Region for CMAS divers and athletes.

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