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Impressions, the work of Spanish photographers

Impressions, the work of Spanish photographers

Foto Colectania is ahead of the online project, a bilingual (Spanish and English) digital magazine

di Flavia Cruciani
Foto Colectania is ahead of the online project Impressions, a bilingual (Spanish and English) digital magazine which will have eight issues, each of them dedicated to the work of an important Spanish photographer from the 50s to the present. Each magazine will feature an introductory text by a prestigious international photography expert (art critics, museum directors and curators), who will offer an original and enriching analysis of the work of the selected photographers. The first edition of Impressions explores in depth the figure of Carlos Pérez Siquier (Almería, 1930) and features an introduction by the renowned photographer Martin Parr, written expressly for this publication. The magazine, which will be monthly published, is available at the following link:

Impressions is launched with a monographic issue dedicated to the series "Beaches" by Carlos Perez Siquier, an important set of pictures in colour taken in 1970, during the photographer's journey through the Spanish coast. Martin Parr, which introduces the series, explains about it: "In the history of photography, there are some pictures so radical that people just don’t know where to place them. The images of beaches of Pérez Siquier are now as fresh as the day they were taken.”

Promoted and driven by Foto Colectania and subsidised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in 2012,Impressions is a pioneer project in Spain, which wants to contribute to the promotion and dissemination of the best photographic creation of the country through the recognition of the key figures in Photography of the last 60 years. Among the chosen international photographers and contributors of this project we can point out: Alberto García-Alix by Urs Stahel (current director of the Fotomuseum Winterthur), Leopoldo Pomes by Michael Hoppen (director of Michael Hoppen Gallery in London), Xavier Ribas by David Campany (curator and critic), Joan Colom by Laurence Miller or Ricard Terré by Christian Caujolle (curator and founder of the Vu Agency). Future publications will also present the work of Joan Fontcuberta, among others.



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