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CMAS: Salerno welcomes President Arzhanova and "Deep”

Mayor Vincenzo Napoli welcomed CMAS and movie's crew delegation in Salerno city hall

SALERNO – President Anna Arzhanova arrived in Salerno to assist the first shoot of "Deep", the movie with partnership of CMAS (World Underwater Federation) and Anvcg (National association of civilian victims of conflicts), funded by Migrarts (italian ministry of culture's project) and that will run to partecipate at the Venice Film Festival. Mayor Vincenzo Napoli welcomed CMAS and movie's crew delegation in Salerno city hall.


"Here in Salerno - Arzhanova said - two years ago we launched The Blue Helmets of the Sea project, touching different aspects about integration and social inclusion for migrants. Our project aim to make them love the sea again and opening opportunities for work. With Blue Helmets we talk evidently also about archeolocial turism, protection of the marin environment, history and heritage, culture and we educate and inform young generations about the great danger that sea pollution means for the future of our planet. And Salerno, a city who works for acceptance migrants is the ideal place where to start".

Movies' producers Giuseppe Milazzo Andreani for Saturnia Pictures srl and Federica Simonetti for Lake Film introduced their work: "This work will mix real scenes and some fiction, so we call i a 'mocumentary'. We partecipate to a public funding and won with our project. Movies' strenght will be in the good and the bad represented by sea. Main characters will be three migrants. Here in Salerno we'll shot for 4 days in 5 different locations: Torrione's popular market, football field at school Santa Caterina da Siena-Amendola, a family house, the harbour and the beach".

For Anvcg, partner of the whole project, attended local Salerno section president and national counselor Domenico Iuorio and national secretary general Roberto Serio, who said: "The Blue Helmets project represents the opportunity to stand with people who escapes from wars and conflicts around the world and to contribute concretely for a real integration". Mibact ministry representative Paolo Masini explained: "Deep won Migrarts project so in August it will compete to enter in the shortlist for the Venice Film Festival in Migrarts Award section. It's our way to present this theme".


Mayor Vincenzo Napoli firt of all thanked deputy mayor and councilor for education Eva Avossa: "For her commitment and cooperation with school directors in order to get to create this opportunity for the city of Salerno". Than mayor added: "Salerno is proud for the role we played in welcoming people who escapes tragic events. Reception at the dock deals with maximum dignity people rescued from sea, for a quickest as possibile sorting without further suffering. This movie represent a way to talk about Mediterranean sea for its culture as a place of death. And we want to teach the respect for it and fight against pollution to make our sea a resource. So Salerno now want the movie in Venice and then in all the World".

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