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European Parliament, Silvia Costa (PD) presents "The universal language of sport"

The event was attended Anna Arzhanova, Raffaele Chiulli and Massimo Achini

di Matteo Spinelli

ROMA - The need to understand the sport as a great moment of social inclusion, a vehicle through which to reach every corner of the world to transmit educational messages, pushed Silvia Costa, Member of the European Parliament and president of the Commission for culture, education, sports and youth, to organize a day dedicated to "The universal language of sport", on Tuesday 27 September in Brussels.


A Commission that «for the first time has included a specific budget line for sports in the Erasmus+ program, setting aside 265 million euro in 7 years», said Silvia Costa, in her role as host for the European Parliament. Our Commission has therefore «a duty to contribute to the realization of the European dimension of sport accessible to all». In a wider context, the European Parliament knows that «universal language of sport is an asset and a resource in a time of conflict and violence. The Olympics and Paralympics Games have been a big message of commitment, passion and fair competition».

Following the vision of "Super Humans", the Channel4 promo for the Paralympic Games, and the trailer for "And then we won the gold", Mike Peters, chief of staff of the president of the International Paralympic Committee, opened the speakings. And gave the floor to Raffaele Chiulli, ARISF president, the association representing 35 international sports federations recognized by the IOC: «Our athletes are the main representatives of our ideals. Athletes make our values and message tangible for millions of people worldwide. ARISF through our athletes promotes the values of Olympism, a life philosophy that combines sport, education and culture. We wish to build a better world by educating youth through sport».

Anna Arzhanova, president of the international federation of underwater sports (CMAS), underlined the increasingly important role of women in sport at all levels: «Of course, many more barriers need to be eliminated.  In fact, today, it is still unimaginable that a woman may become the Head of Organisations such as Fifa, Uefa, Iaaf, or the IOC. Women's Sports Foundation – which was established in 1974 by tennis legend Billie Jean King –  aims at giving access to sport to all girls, so to create future leadership.  However, the first result obtained by giving all girls the opportunity to do sport is that of allowing them to improve their lifestyle.  Actually, Women's Sport makes funds available allowing future champion women to train.  In practical terms, through sport, tangible support is provided to the world of women. The role of the Women in Sport Commission is to advise the IOC Session, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC President on the development and implementation of the IOC women and sport policy and to promote equal opportunities for girls and women to participate in, and benefit from sport and physical activity».


After a speaking from Gian Francesco Lupatelli (president of ACES, European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) and the clips "CSI for the world", dedicated to the world of sport volunteers, spoked the president of the same association, Massimo Achini. With him, a delegation of veterans, wich held 5 missions during the summer in Congo, Kenya, Albania, Cameroon, Haiti, and of course, Brazil, where the CSI has brought its help also in the favelas. «Sports, Youth and world's peripheries - said Achini - constitute an impressive three-pronged attack. The sport is called today to give the best of himself and to express all the educational potential it has. CSI for the world is a strong experience of international cooperation through sports».

At the end of the speakings started a round table dedicated to An integrated approach to sports policy: good governance, mobility and integrity", followed by the conclusions handled by Marc Tarabella, Sports Intergroup co-president.

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