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UIM XCAT: Dubai Police takes Race 1 in Stresa

Abu Dhabi 4 and 222 Offshore right behind

STRESA – After the double win in the Fujairah event, first stage of the 2018 UIM XCAT World Championship, Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Hendi (on “Dubai Police”) also won Race 1 of the UIM XCAT Grand Prix of Italy, promoted in partnership with Baia Blu d’Oriente and

After the start Dubai Police already lead the match, in front of an incredible and numerous audience scenario. Withoudoubt it was an exciting afternoon for the many sports enthusiasts, who were able to follow the boats directly on Lake Maggiore side  for 55.43 miles.

Second place for Abu Dhabi 4 (Shaun Torrente and Faleh Al Mansoori), while 222 Offshore (Giovanni Carpitella and Darren Nicholson) closed in third position.



Right behind, the Blue Roo (Pal Virik Nilsen and Jan Trygve Braaten), Abu Dhabi 5 (Rashid Al Tayer and Majed Al Mansoori), Yacht Club Como (Serafino Barlesi and Alessandro Barone), Ribot (Alfredo Amato and Daniele Martignoni), Venus Bali (Andrea Comello and Nico Caldarola), Kuwait (Abdullatif Al Omani and Moustafa Al Dashti) and HPI Racing Team (Francois Pinelli and Rosario Schiano).

The overall ranking of the UIM XCAT World Championship: 1st Dubai Police (105 points); 2 ° 222 Offshore (66); 3rd Abu Dhabi 4 (52); 4th Team Australia (52); 5th Abu Dhabi 5 (52); 6th New Star (49); 7th Venus Bali (37); 8th Kuwait (36); 9th Ribot (28); 10th High Performance Italy (27); 11th Swecat Racing (26); 12th Yacht Club Como (15).

After the race Giovanni Carpitella, 222 Offshore team pilot, can't hide his satisfaction. "Was not easy to recover four positions, but we have a very competitive boat and today we got an important result", said Carpitella. "Stresa is a fantastic place, with incredible natural scenery, worthy of a global competition. UIM has done well to choose it as a location for a World Cup race", added Carpitella after the third place.

Raffaele Chiulli - UIM President - who awarded the first three classified together with Vincenzo Iaconianni (President of FIM) and Giuseppe Bottini (Stresa city Major) - at the end of the race stated: "As soon as I arrived in Stresa I had wonderful sensations. Today we appreciated motor boating such as an exciting sport. The great welcome that the public give us today is a clear example of that”, added Mr. Chiulli. “Last night, at the Regina Palace Hotel, we celebrated the 110th anniversary of the birth of the structure and Anna Magnan both. And, in a kind of way, to motorboat too. In 1908 the powerboat was an Olympic discipline in London and in 2018 we’ll join Indonesian edition of Asian Games ".

Regina Palace Hotel, after pole positions, opened its doors to UIM pilots and other initiatives such as   "Regina Palace Hotel Award - Anna Magnani - for the 110 birth anniversaire".

During the evening at the Regina Palace Hotel has been also exposed a piece of the collection "Ciao Anna", offered by Anna Maria Cuzzolaro. All guests had the possibility to admire the picture of Versace with the same dressing worn by Magnani in the movie "La Rosa Tatuata".



The evening was attended by Andrea Padulazzi (director of the Regina Palace Hotel), Raffaele Chiulli (UIM President) and the actress Tosca D'Aquino who said: "I had never been to Stresa. I'm from south of Italy, I’m a mediterranean girl, and I did not think of falling in love with a lake place, but it happened. Anna Magnani? An actress I love, I hope this brings me good luck ".

On this occasion, besides the award, XCAT competed here, in the X-tail Performance, a cocktail competition. All of them has been helped and judged by some experts in the sector. Alberto Fugulin, IBA International Champion Bartender Association, will be one of the judges. Giovanni Carpitella, 222 Offshore pilote, gain the price.

Not only boats. Around 12 am all riders involved in the UIM X Cat World Championship, following 2018 Russia Football World Cup challenges, they matched each other (divided into 8 teams) in a table football tournament aimed by  "From the school to the stadium" project.

The first challenge saw Sweden (represented by Kuwait team in substitution to Erik Stark e Mikael Bengtsson di Swecat Racing with the boat still in the water trying to solve problems to the engine) beat England  (represented by Rashed Al Tayer e Majed Al Mansoori of Abu Dhabi 5)  8-5. In the second match, team Russia ((Mikhail Kitashev e Dimitry Vandyshev of New Star) has been defeated by Croatia  (Abdullatif Al Omani e Moustafa Al Dashti of Kuwait).

The catamarans will touch water again tomorrow for Race 2 of Grand Prix of Italy UIM XCAT. Pilots are ready to rock Mercury Racing ROS 400 outboards engines, a new concept of eco-friendly motor, very similar to the Mercury Varaado 400R.

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