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XCAT is back: Stresa on Lake Maggiore to host the 2018 UIM XCAT World Championship

The management of the Championship have announced that Round 2 will be held in Stresa in the weekend 6 to 8 July

STRESA - UIM (World Powerboating Federation and promoter of the Series), the local organizers from the city, and the management of the Championship have announced that Round 2 will be held in Stresa in the weekend 6 to 8 July.
XCAT, diminutive for Extreme Catamarans is one of the most difficult and funny motorsports on the water. In the motorboat discipline it’s the championship with the biggest participation of pilots of every nationality from all over the world. The catamarans in competition can reach the speed of over 200 Km/h according to the sea conditions, the type of circuit, the selection of screws and the set up choices. The motorboats are built with very advanced technologies, using carbon fibre with other compounds and they are boosted by two outboard motors.
Who are the 15 teams?  Sweden from Sweden and Team Abu Dhabi (whit two boats) and Dubai Police. After there is Russia with New Star and Australian teams of Team Australia, 222Offshore and Maritimo. Raheeb and Fujairah Team from Kuwait, thus Gasbeton from France. Videx and Lady Spain will represent Italy with a new entry. This year the worldwide known rally champion Nico Caldarola will be Lady Spain’ official pilot, a new challenge for a men that spent his life on racing. 

XCAT World Championship has a strong connection with Italy, made not only of the support and passion of the public, but also of the presence of teams and drivers who run with the Italian flag. Giovanni Carpitella, Alex Barone, Serafino Barlesi and Rosario Schiano di Cola are just few of the famous pilots that will partecipate at the race. How to forget Alfredo Amato and Daniele Martignoni from Videx and Nico Caldarola and Adrea Comely from Lady Spain?
So the appointment will be for the weekend 6-8 July. The circuit, in the water of the cozy city of Stresa, will pass by the iconic Borromee Islands, to add history and beauty to the thrill and excitement of the races. According to the usual XCAT calendars, Friday will be dedicated to free practice, to find the right set-up of boats according to the type of circuit and weather conditions. On Saturday it will be time for the pole position session. 
But this year, with the support of FIM (Italian Powerboat Federation)  there will be a rich calendar of events and side initiatives such as Formula Junior and Historic Boat races.
After the first race hosted by the Fujairah International Marine Club, now Stresa is ready to host the UIM XCAT World Championship second race in the same location where they raced in 2013 and 2014, and this year this year is estimated in the order of tens of thousands of spectators. After, the competition is ready to fly to China, with new challenges for everyone.
Have no time to come to Stresa but you would like to see the race? Today for a detailed overview and live-streaming report, click on the link below

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